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hpl/vinyl finished steel raised floor for clean rooms

Permanent Anti-Static Vinyl Tiles

Panelway® offers a variety of laminates for use inside of data/computer centers. Static control vinyl laminates are factory laminated to the raised floor systems, reducing installation time and cost.


Static control vinyl is specifically designed to control static discharge. Which helps protect your most sensitive equipment and critical applications by keeping static away.


Conductive and Static-Dissipative tiles are the ultimate solution for technological environments where electrostatic property is very critical factor. 

No rough and sharp things are allowed on the surface; Oil and dirty on its surface may be cleaned with detergent; Anti-Static wax can be used to maintain. 

  • Thickness available: 2.0mm/3.0mm

  • Electrical Resistance:

​1x10^4~1×10^6 Ohm (Conductive) 1x10^6~1x10^8 (Dissipative)

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