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HPL/Vinyl Finished Cementitious Infill Steel Raised Floor

Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these non-combustible rigid, solid panels deliver the ultimate in strength and durability with the convenience of lightweight construction. 

HPL/Vinyl Finished Steel Raised Floor

HPL/Vinyl Fnished Steel Raised Floor Panel

These raised floor panels are constructed nearly the same as the Bare Finished ST Panels but with Full range of factory applied finishes, such as HPL, Vinyl… on the top in order to get the exact performances required in data/computer centers, telecommunication rooms…


Sizes of 24” x 24” and 600mm x 600mm are available.

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Lightweight for ease of handling.

  • Metallic Surface Pretreatment and Epoxy Paint Finish make panel for life time protection. 

  • Class A flame spread rating.

  • Non-combustible material.

  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity.

  • Panels are gravity-held in understructure for fast removal and replacement. 

  • Cost saving and environmental friendly.

Installation Illustration


  • Data/computer centers

  • Telecommunication/control rooms

  • Electronic assembly areas

  • General purpose equipment applications

  • the places where demand anti-static and air-conditioning environment, cabling and wiring.

hpl/vinyl finished steel raised floor for clean rooms
hpl/vinyl finished steel raised floor installation
hpl/vinyl finished steel raised floor for data centers

System Performance

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