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Through a series of strict measures and fully staffed test laboratory, it’s guaranteed for us to produce Cementitious Infill Steel Raised Flooring, Woodcore Raised Flooring, Calcium Sulphate Core Raised Flooring with a full range of factory applied finishes, such as HPL, Vinyl, Carpet, Ceramic Tiles… on the top of the panels in order to get the exact performances required in data/computer centers, telecommunication rooms, office rooms, clean rooms, etc.

Office Room Solution
Computer Room Solution
Office Room Solution

We’ve been in manufacturing raised flooring for more than 30 years. Therefore, we gained great reputation from our clients not only in domestic market, but also in the overseas market. For instance, our raised flooring products have been exported to South America, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, etc., including Argentina, UK, Germany, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, India, Japan, Vietnam, etc., more than 40 countries and areas.

Panelway (China) Limited is China’s leading manufacturer and contractor for the raised flooring. Our management has extensive experience in plant management and marketing. Most of them grew up with the factory. Therefore, they have deep feelings for the factory. We are a true family business with a deep understanding for ‘Raised Flooring Solutions‘.

In order to strictly control product quality, reduce labor costs, take the responsibility for environment protection, we have just completed the transformation of the entire automation of our production line.

Any inquiries, for instance, the raised flooring prices, technical specifications, etc., please feel free to send email to to inquire. We shall get back to you ASAP!